Pacific Garment is a garment manufacturing company founded in 1994 by Mr. Huang Jianying and his wife Ms. Sun Lì in Hangzhou, China. The company began its journey with the manufacture of classic products, but the focus soon shifted to developing proprietary textiles and investing in garment dyeing technology. 


Since then, we have grown into a thriving international business with commercial offices in China, Italy and the United States that boast a collective turnover of $ 120.000.000 in 2022. Our growth has been based on selling directly to retailers over buyers, and we have continued to build strong relationships with prestigious brands around the world, even during the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We produce garments in our proprietary high-tech factories in China and have also established fruitful partnerships with large manufacturers in Bangladesh and Jordan that have allowed us to broaden our product offering. We will be commencing new collaborations in Egypt and Pakistan in 2023. 


Hangzhou Pacific Garment Ltd. is set to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange by June 2024.



Alongside building a successful and reputable garment business, we have been diving deep into technology that will shape the future of the fashion industry.

A few years ago, Pacific Garment acquired a stake in the patent for *CLEAN COLOR TECH – a process that drastically reduces the consumption of water and energy during the industrial dyeing process, while cutting CO2 emissions.

This technology is a huge step forward in terms of sustainability for the garment industry, which has been trying to reduce its environmental footprint in recent years. Consumers and governments are realizing the need for drastic changes in the way we produce and consume, and we firmly believe that those who join the wave of clean innovation will gain the most.

Aside from the continual development of our existing commercial activities, our main goal as a company is to bring this technology to the market in a big way. To this end, Pacific Garment is the sole owner of exclusive rights to use *CLEAN COLOR TECH  for garment production.

We are looking for collaborators who share our vision of a clean future for the textile industry, starting with businesses in European and Mediterranean regions.